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4 Non-Threatening Mother’s Day Gifts to Start a Wellness Journey

The question I get asked most of the time is “How do I get started to eat healthier, be more active, and make changes in my life?”  The second most-asked question is “How are you so accident prone?” Seriously.  But today I want to share some ideas for Mother’s Day to help get you started on some healthy habits.  Not with an “in your face” approach either…just some small tweaks to help Mom along and have fun doing it.

As soon as we become mothers, our daily workload increases exponentially.  At the same time, our sleep declines exponentially.  Oh, the irony!!  Being a mother though is such a rewarding experience and one in which we are always learning.  ALWAYS.  With our ability to learn NEW WAYS and do HARD THINGS, we can master this wellness concept in no time!!  (Yeah, that was a stretch which was meant to encourage you…it takes hard work, dedication, determination, and support!)  Over time, the healthy habits we implement and keep in our routine, compound to have a huge benefit on our wellness. With a family to care for, we need to be our healthiest self – emotionally, physically, mentally!

Here are a few great items to promote healthy habits with easy-to-shop links at the bottom of the blog!!  

Moms, go ahead and treat yourself or a mom friend.  

Guys…this is water to tread lightly in!!  Your approach to this is NOT to piss the momma off!!!  If my husband had come home one day and revealed he bought me a home gym, a bicycle, thigh master (OMG!), new workout gear, and ALL THE STUFF…I would have flipped out!!  Had he suggested we do this together, it would have passed, but barely.  Now that being health-aware is my jam, BRING ON THE WORKOUT CLOTHES!!!  Guys, just know where your lady is at…we are all unique and wonderful. 

Non-Threatening Mother’s Day Gifts to Start a Wellness Journey:

  • Water Bottle – keeping this really basic.  We need water.  Water is good.  A nice water bottle just makes it more fun.
  • Magic Bullet – smoothies, smoothies, and more smoothies.  Add all the delicious things and blend.  Done.  
  • Journal – a great way to practice gratitude and focus on the positive things in life.  Some days it is REALLY hard to see the positive.  These are the best days to go back through a journal to remind oneself of all the great things.  
  • Shoes – women tend to LOVE shoes.  Some more than others.  Some love heels, some (like me) can’t walk in them.  ha ha  But having some running/walking shoes in your FAVORITE color sure help encourage getting them on and lacing them up! Movement is great, whether it’s walking, running, kickboxing, or playing soccer in the backyard with the kids!!  

NOW, I’m going to make this easier for you with some links to my personal favorites.  If you are short on time with getting out shopping to your usual source, you will appreciate how quickly you can look after this RIGHT NOW!


Water Bottle – USA     Canada

Magic Bullet – USA     Canada

Journal – USA     Canada

Shoes – USA     Canada