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5 Benefits of Spring Cleaning & How to Get Started

Ahhh, spring.  A time for new beginnings, a rebirth, more sunshine, warmer weather, and SPRING CLEANING.  AGHHHH.  That last one often hits us where it hurts!  It takes time to do spring cleaning and it’s exhausting.  The number of times I’ve gone to clean “one little area” and it turned into having the entire house upside down and backward, is insane.


On the other hand, getting rid of the clutter and unwanted/unnecessary items is such a freeing and invigorating experience.  Between donating items and having a yard sale, I am slowly decreasing my clutter every year.  I suppose the trick is to buy less going forward too.


As Marie Kondo shares in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, it’s not just a spring cleaning that’s always in order.  She encourages the practice of being more organized and minimizing the items you have in your home.  Someone else could always use items which are no longer serving you and your family.

Here are 5 Benefits to embracing your spring cleaning this year:


This is my favorite part.  Finding “treasures” as I’m moving things around and going through items.  It’s always a great surprise to find a picture the kids drew when they were little or a special gift from a grandparent.  I have the motivation to continue as I reminisce because I am sure to find the next treasure in no time!



Clutter is a known distraction for our brains.  It interferes with our ability to process information and for anyone who is a bit of a “neat freak”, it is exhausting to see the mess or know it’s there!!



This is not for the benefit of others, but for yourself.  It just feels good to tackle a big job, stick through to the end, and stand back to appreciate your work.  Again, it’s not about “who has the cleanest house” and “keeping up with the Jones’s”, but the satisfaction that comes along with a job well done.



Spring cleaning does not mean EVERYTHING has to be PERFECT.  There has to be balance.  It’s okay to have a slight mess or a full on mess somewhere.  If that’s your style and you are truly happy and at peace with it, that’s cool.  You do not want to get your knickers in a knot over “having” to clean an area that you actually appreciate the chaos in.  (Just don’t let that be your entire home!)



When I am stressed or upset, I like to clean.  In particular, I love doing laundry.  This allows me to focus on the task, a task that doesn’t require too much brain power, so I can process whatever it is that’s going on in my life.  Actually, there are many other people who have told me that their cleaning process is incredibly beneficial to their mental and emotional health too.  The organization and cleaning that gets done with spring cleaning may encourage you to take action in other areas of your life which need attention too.


These benefits are all fine and dandy…but how do you even get going?  Spring cleaning is a big job and so overwhelming for many!  And believe me, I understand.  I’ve had years where I started my spring cleaning in March and ended in September.  Or, that time when I started in 2001 and finished in 2007.  That was epic.

Here are some tips to get you going with a whole lot less stress and anxiety about the process:

  • Make a plan of attack! Start with one room and systematically move from one side to the other.  (I make myself a “catch all” place where I dump things until I know where I want them to go, but this often gets to be a RIDICULOUSLY HUGE pile.  It helps me leave one room just the way I want it but dealing with the pile after sucks.  It sucks a lot.)
  • Be real. If you haven’t already, set some goals and expectations for yourself.  Going for the magazine look in all of the rooms of your home may have you crying in your closet in no time.  You aren’t going for perfect.
  • Make it fun. Blast your favorite tunes and get to work.  Those ones that have you “shaking your booty on the dance floor” are exactly what you need.  Don’t forget to enlist the help of your family members too.  Many hands make light work.
  • It’s not a race. Don’t rush through in a mad frenzy just to get done.  You will likely be very resentful of the thoroughness of your work and regret spending any time on it.  It’s okay if it takes you many days.  Stick to it and you will see great results in the end.
  • Don’t make it toxic. Do you know what’s in your cleaning products? Be mindful of the ingredients and lean toward using natural products for cleaning.  Vinegar is my best friend.  Essential oils smell wonderful.  I love having a clean and fresh smell when I’m done and not a chemical shitstorm smell.  But do what works for you.
  • Plan for a celebration. Decide in advance what you will do when you have completed this big task.    Perhaps you could go out to dinner or a movie.  Maybe you could grab those new shoes you’ve been eyeing up.  And yes, I know the point is to eliminate what we don’t need, but with having made space by decluttering or possible a few dollars having a yard sale or using an online option, you will feel really good about getting yourself that item.  Celebrate your commitment and dedication to being just that.  Don’t forget that the biggest reward of all comes from the fact that your home is cleaned up and decluttered and your heart and soul have had a little refresher too.

If you are not sure if a household item should stay or go, be realistic.  Do you use it?  Does it have sentimental value?  Pick it up, hold it in your hands, and really, truly, think about it and what it means to you.  Can you take a picture of it and be happy with that?  Or do you need the item? HAPPY SPRING CLEANING!!

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