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Biggest Parenting Win

One would think that the biggest parenting wins are when a toddler is 100% potty trained or when you see your child being kind to another.  Yes, these definitely are moments that matter.  For sure.  It’s always reassuring to know you’ve “done something right” when raising your children.  Since there is no “Parenting 101” manual, we are just winging it.  All of us.  Together.

But, did you realize that parenting wins aren’t always what your child says or does?  It’s not always about them??  Some of the biggest wins in parenting are about us as the parents and OUR GROWTH!

You never know when it will be the last time you:

  • change a diaper
  • rock them to sleep
  • hold their hand to cross the street
  • hang onto the bike with the training wheels just off
  • help wash their hands
  • wash their hair in the tub
  • hug or kiss in public
  • get asked for “just one more drink of water” before bed

ALL of these things and more are pretty darn special.  But only in retrospect do we notice they are missing as our children grow up.

Yesterday morning, my 13 year old son asked me to walk with him to school.  Now, I was in a mess of income tax preparation and almost completed, so I really wanted to finish this task I had put off for months.  A few years ago, my first thought would have been to tell him that I was too busy.  GASP….yes, it’s true.  I’m not going to deny that I had my priorities messed up.  I have been diligent to make every effort to live in the moment, because there are no guarantees.  I snapped this picture of myself walking home.

To some, it may be no big deal and unworthy of celebrating by writing about it.  For me, it’s monumental, as I don’t know if/when he will ASK for me to do this again.  I may offer and he may accept or decline…but I cannot guarantee he will bring it up so willingly.

On our walk, we had an amazing talk.  It was truly time well-spent.  It only happened because I was paying attention.  I call that a HUGE PARENTING WIN!


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