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The TRUTH About End of School Year Lunches

As we’ve been nearing the end of the school year, I keep hearing more and more about “HAVING to make those damn lunches”.  And believe me, I do get it.  But I have a few more thoughts and feelings about this that hit me this morning like a frying pan to the side of the head.

Let me premise this by saying that I have never been, nor ever will be the mom that puts together a lunch that looks like this:


I’ve also been known to, in the past anyhow, send lunches like this.  Add in a chocolate covered granola bar, some kool-aid, and another item or 2 that is 60% sugar, and BOOM…

However, as I listen and fully understand how making lunches takes some time and can be frustrating to come up with new ideas, send food that will actually be eaten and follows the school guidelines, I have these SHOCKING THOUGHTS this morning…

  1. I GET to make lunches.  I look at it as a blessing.  Yes, at one time it added to a frantic part of my day, but I am so fortunate to not be rushing out the door like I used to be!
  2. At some point after the celebration of the empty nest wears off, I will miss making lunches and the “extreme inconvenience” they caused. (Insert massive teen-type eye roll as you read “extreme inconvenience”!)
  3. My kids are happy and healthy, as I am.  I’m packing a school lunch, not a lunch to eat while I have to sit in a hospital room.
  4. We have food to put into the lunch kit…and there were some extra cookies taken in to share with friends.
  5. I’m not going for perfect.  It is not some competition.  I will make mistakes.  My child still says please and thank you. He even asked me to bike with him part way to school. It really can’t get better than that