Have you had goals in life?  Dreams you would like to have come true?  Have you ever just realized one day that you have not achieved these goals and dreams yet and wonder what the heck happened??  Do you worry about having regrets later in life?

It’s time to approach goals with the focus they deserve.  Without goals, we are running at full speed towards nothing.  When your calculated actions start moving you much closer to whatever goals/dreams you’ve got in mind, you are going to feel on top of the world.  Imagine…every single thing you desire in life adding fulfillment to your days…ahhhhh…

What You Will Learn in Just 5 Days

Day 1: Vision & Values

Define your priorities in your life and ensure your daily actions keep your priorities at the top of the list while taking you closer to your goals.

Day 2: Which Goals?

Determine how to choose which goals you want to work on.

Day 3: Break it Down

Discover manageable daily/weekly/monthly action steps to take you from your current life to the one that you’ve been creating in your head for a really long time!

Day 4: Accountability & Support

Determine in advance who you need on your team to provide you with external accountability and who is going to be your “rock”.

Day 5: Taking Action

Create a schedule for your actions and checkpoints to determine you are still on track.  Build a solid plan for overcoming roadblocks is also necessary.

About the Workshop Creator

Cherilyn Tuz is a wife, mom, Holistic Health Coach, Transformation Coach, and Mindset Mentor.  With almost 20 years in the medical field, she has an extreme passion for health and wellness.  She practices a holistic approach, which means that she looks at how all areas of life are connected. It was her own struggles with balancing everyday life and attempting to work towards goals which prompted her to create a real and workable approach!