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I Hate Exercising – Part 2 of 5

I Hate Exercising Week continues with Part 2.  Have you decided to make exercise part of your daily routine? If so, finding what works for YOU is critical to ensure you keep showing up!  This “exercise thing” can be hard, and on tough days, days you are crazy busy, days there is stress, days that are emotional…all of these throw out some extra hurdles for you.  If you do not LOVE (or at least somewhat enjoy) what you are doing, YOU WILL STOP.  It will become a chore you despise and you will not show up.  Plain and simple.

For YEARS, people were led to believe that if you didn’t go to the gym or attend fitness classes, there was just no such thing as working out.  The one other exercise not at another location which seemed to meet the approval of society was jogging/running.  But for anyone who did not appreciate this way of adding fitness to their lives, it was a struggle.  

This led me to try the “gym thing”.  And I HATED IT!  It was a horrible experience.  First, there’s the self-inflicted, “I don’t know how to use the machines and I’m too proud to ask.” Then, there’s the part where I had to fit that into my family schedule and it didn’t always work out with frustrated me even more.  To top it off, there was the whole thing about starting a vehicle in the winter, warming it up, and having to drive over.  Not my thing.  Don’t even get me started on the insecurities of having others watch me jiggle all over the place or having to “look good” with appropriate clothing, gym hair, and makeup.  You KNOW it happens.  Oh, and the noises…the grunts and groans and perhaps a wayward fart or 2…and you pray they don’t smell.  

When I found working out at home, I felt safe and secure.  It was all on my terms, the way I like it.  I was able to successfully remove 50 lbs and keep it off for 4 years!!  I’m super proud of my journey.  Not every day is roses and rainbows for sure, but with a supportive tribe of women, I can get through anything!!  I’d love to invite you to join my tribe too for support, motivation, and accountability.  Whether you go to the gym, work out at home, hit the streets to run/walk/bike/jog, as long as you are a lady and not already working with a coach, I would love to have you!  CLICK HERE

Check out the video for my explanation if you enjoy listening and watching more than reading!!