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I Hate Exercising – Part 4 of 5

Here we are at another exciting episode of I Hate Exercising!  Want to make sure your workout happens??  SCHEDULE IT!

Is it that easy?  Yes and no.  

Just because it’s on your schedule doesn’t mean you are going to “show up’.  The onus is still on you for that one.  Take responsibility for your own life here.

But, by having it on your schedule and labeling it a PRIORITY in your life, nothing else can take that time.  Or, if it does, it’s something that’s pretty frickin serious.  Excuses DO NOT trump what’s on your schedule, so none of this “I have laundry.” “I don’t feel like it.” “I’m tired.”  You know you’ve been through a lot in your life and showing up for a scheduled workout is NOTHING in comparison.  If you are a mom, I can assure you, having your babies was much harder work whether it was through natural means or a C-section.  And yes, I’ve had both, so I do know.

Schedule your workouts at a time where life is not as likely to interfere.  I tried evenings and just before supper before I realized that I was going to have to bite the bullet and become an early bird.  While my family sleeps, I cross this off my list and it’s done for the day.  My personal benefits here are:

  • more energy through the day
  • more calorie burn through the day
  • no interruption to sleep by working out just before bed
  • no stress about making it happen when my family needs me
  • start the day off on the right foot
  • being proud of myself for my dedication and commitment
  • setting a great example for my children

It’s not always easy.  I would never lie about that and tell you it is.  But if you have decided your health is a priority, exercising is part of that.  Creating time in your day for that to happen is part of you accepting responsibility and owning that decision.  

You’ve got this!!!  I believe in you!  

**If you are struggling with how to put this all together and make it work, get in touch with me and let’s brainstorm.