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Improving Memory and Brain Health

Is Your Brain in Trouble?

Our brain is our “operating system” helping us navigate and make sense of the world. “Brain Health” refers to how well our brain is able to operate and perform tasks such as learning, concentrating, remembering, playing, and managing our bodily functions. Learn more about brain health, how to strengthen it, and how to ensure your memory remains as sharp as possible as you age.

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What you will learn:

  • Why We Need to Be Concerned About Brain Health
  • Brain Teasers & Games Can Help You Stay Sharp
  • What You Eat Matters – Essential Nutrients for Your Brain
  • Warning Signs to Look for When Memory & Brain Activity Are in Decline
  • The Mental Benefits of Meditating Regularly
  • How Mnemonic Devices Can Help Your Memory
  • How Exercise Can Help You Improve Memory & Brain Health
  • The Benefit of Reading Daily for Your Brain Health
  • Let’s Talk Food – What You Need To Know About Eating A Brain Healthy Diet
  • How Sleep Affects Your Brain and Your Memories
  • Avoiding Age-Related Cognitive Decline

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Cherilyn Tuz – Through her programs, she empowers tired, busy, and stressed out women who are looking for better health and a life of passion, joy, and peace.  Cherilyn is a master of bringing organization to the chaos of life.