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Business Mentorship Program


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my family….my team….my tribe…SOMETHING FIERCE.

Becoming a coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made. This opportunity has brought me such joy, and it all started in June 2013 after I started up an incredibly intense workout program called INSANITY!  I’m not sure what made me think I could do the moves the people in the video were doing, but I WANTED TO SO BADLY!  Over time, I was able to improve my skills which was a HUGE CONFIDENCE BUILDER.

I wanted to share what I was doing with others, and naturally, this became an opportunity for me to earn an income, develop deep friendships, and form a team (a fiercely dedicated tribe actually), all of whom I consider to be my family.

The benefits are ENDLESS. Imagine a life where you live a healthy lifestyle, inspire and support others to do the same, create financial freedom for yourself, and build a team of like-minded individuals, all while working from home during hours YOU set and while being present with your family.

This is possible. I know, because I am proof.  My Business Mentorship Program is the best way to get you going and building a solid foundation.




As mentioned above, coaching seemed like a natural progression for me as I started earning results.

What I didn’t mention were the extremely dark times in my life that motivated me, as well.

Watch my story below to learn more about how a rocky marriage, parenting with a disconnect, and losing a loved one, helped to INSPIRE me and give me the COURAGE to begin LIVING FIERCE and LOVING MY LIFE…as a wife, a mom, a friend, and as a COACH.



What we do as coaches is simple, and here’s exactly how we do it:

  • We workout and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • We get results!!
  • We share about what we are doing on social media.
  • We inspire others to get healthy, too.
  • We host private, online fitness accountability groups/bootcamps to invite those we’ve inspired. This provides them with additional support and encouragement to help them succeed.
  • We share our love for helping others and invite them to join our team!


how-to-get-started When you join my team, there are several options, and what you choose to do just depends on your GOALS. Do you want to join for the discount? Do you want to inspire others and enjoy the discount? Do you want to make coaching a business and have financial freedom while creating a team of your own?

Your goals may change as you change, and that’s perfectly fine! It’s my job to support you and encourage you no matter what.

The best way to get started is with a CHALLENGE PACK. A challenge pack will give you everything you need to start getting results, and give you all of the tools you will need to get started with your business.

When you join my team with a challenge pack, your coach signup is FREE. So not only are you investing in your own health and fitness, but also starting a potentially thriving business at no cost.

A Coach Challenge Pack includes:

  • A full workout program.
  • Meal plan with color coded portion control containers.
  • Month supply of Shakeology (flavor of your choice).
  • 30 Days of Beachbody OnDemand (where you’ll get instant access to your workouts and meal plan)

Once you are IN, you will get immediate access to:

  • My ’10 Day New Coach Jumpstart’ — where I show you everything you need to do for 10 days to be successful!!
  • My Team Pages, where there are lots of other Coaches that you can learn from too!
  • My New Coach Manual: a TREMENDOUSLY helpful resource packet to guide you as you start your business!
  • One on one time with me in true Business Mentorship Style.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

You can reach me via text at 306-547-8883, email at, or on my Facebook HERE.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about me, my team, and my passion for coaching.

I look forward to learning more about YOU and welcoming YOU to SOMETHING FIERCE!

xoxo, Cher