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Summer Bodies? WTF

“Summer bodies are made in the winter.”  I DISAGREE.

It’s currently the end of July.  What I’m hearing a lot of is how “it’s too late” to start focusing on my fitness and nutrition.  Guess what?  I DISAGREE!!

First, it’s NEVER too late to focus on your health.  

More importantly, the concept that we need to “work hard” through the winter to look and feel great in the summer, is incomplete.  Here are my thoughts…

I am interested in having a fit and strong body all year round.  I don’t want to just feel good in my shorts and tank top.  I want to feel good in my oversize hoodie, sweats, and fuzzy socks.  I truly want to be healthy all the time, not just once in a while.

Summer seems to take the focus away from health and more toward all the fun activities of summer.  However, summer can include good nutrition, lots of movement, and all those fun times you are having with your family and friends making memories.  

I know how to get you back on track with your wellness, with a strong focus on mindset and eliminating negative thoughts.  If you are serious about investing in your health for year round wellness, CLICK HERE and fill in the required information.  If you aren’t serious, come back when you are.  This highly effective program is for women who are dedicated and determined to achieve their goals.  

Check out this video to see how I called BULLCRAP on the “summer bodies” concept.