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"I have had the privilege of being mentored by Cherilyn. I so value her style of coaching as she meets me exactly where I am. Her commitment in investing in others is of excellence!!! The dedication she puts forth daily in the form of motivation and support is top notch!!! I value her incorporation of coaching on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Her passion and desire to help others achieve their goals shines through in the manner she rises up to help others attain their optimal well being!!! Cherilyn, is truly a gift in my life!!!"

~Joan W.

"What can I say about Cherilyn? She's an amazing leader and has personally been there for me through many obstacles and triumphs I've had over the last two years that I have been working with her. She's always uplifting when I'm thinking it's time to give up and she's always there to keep the encouragement going. Cherilyn, by far, is one of those people I truly feel blessed to have crossed paths with in this life."

~Nicole O.

"Cherilyn is capable of moving mountains. Her strong commitment and dedication to others is incredible. I have had the pleasure of working with her for years now and I can only imagine what the future holds for her and those that she comes into contact with!"

~Jennifer O.

"I'm very grateful, to Cherilyn for mentoring me in making a healthier life style for myself. I feel better mentally and physically due to healthier nutrition, regular exercise, and a decrease in weight. Support and accountability from her keep me moving forward."

~Charlotte D.

"I got a promotion that put me at a desk 8 hours day. I started snacking at my desk while I was working. As time went on my clothes got smaller and smaller. Then I got depressed and disappointed in myself, but I couldn't seem to change it. I have been approached by many coaches on Facebook by clicking on intriguing posts. They were all very nice. I don't know whether it was the timing or the purple hair or a combination of both. I knew Cherilyn was different. I didn't feel pressured into shakeology or beachbody programs. I felt encouraged to make lifestyle changes. Cherilyn makes me feel like my journey matters as much to her as it does to me. She always offers her time to talk through whatever difficulty I'm having. She answered all my questions (even though I asked the same ones repeatedly) when I was trying to choose a second program. She takes the time to private message to make sure everything is okay when she doesn't hear from me. Cherilyn not only acts as a coach but also a friend. She also made me realize that a victory is still a victory no matter how big or small. There are always mini challenges and accountability groups offered to keep me motivated. I started my journey with Cherilyn wanting to get back into my skinny jeans. Now I see myself looking farther ahead. I look forward to the next challenge.I'm not back in my jeans, but I feel happy (not the fake smile at an annoying coworker happy-REAL happy). I have more energy and look more forward to my shakeology than a chocolate bar. She truly is inspiring. Thanks Cherilyn, for ALL you do!! ?"

~Melanie M.