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Will Insurance Cover CBD-Based Medications?

For years, heated debates have raged on about using marijuana in the medical field. While some states have eagerly hopped on board for approving medical marijuana use on a recreational and medical level, others have taken a notably more cautious stance. Having this covered through insurance plans remain a controversial subject even today, and the nation has proponents and opponents when it comes to this topic.


Depends on the Plan

What your health insurance plan covers will also depend on the company. Major health insurance providers are required to cover certain services per healthcare reform, and typically after you have enrolled in a plan, they will send you further information about it. You will learn about the generic medications covered.


How Will They Cover Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana, put simply, has the intention of treating ailments and alleviating the symptoms of some diseases. Researchers have often taken one stance or the other trying to prove or disprove the benefits of medical marijuana and its side effects. Unfortunately, these efforts may not be enough in the eyes of some people because it doesn’t address enough of the problem. The use of this drug medically has grown in popularity especially for children who have terminal or life-altering diseases.



CBD could be said to be a natural compound that you can find in the cannabis plant, and it works alongside some of the other cannabinoids. The most recognized out of the group is known as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. Unlike THC, however, CBD is the least psychoactive compound found in marijuana. It doesn’t alter your mental state or cause feelings of euphoria like THC, which is why CBD has gotten more attractive to the medical market. CBD oil gets extracted from hemp, rather than marijuana. While hemp and marijuana come from the same Cannabis sativa plant, hemp usually doesn’t have the modification found from marijuana plants.


Some states across the country have begun to approve the use of CBD oil in the medical setting, but the battle for it to become legal has been an ongoing one for years. Many of the states have tried to get legislation around this issue to improve for users, but they haven’t quite reached that point. As of right now, health insurances don’t cover medical marijuana because they still classify this substance as a Schedule I controlled substance and anything considered Schedule I can’t be prescribed, but that could change in the future if they legalize it.


With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, will all states follow suit?  The alternative therapies market is one that is growing exponentially.



Regardless of your beliefs about the use of marijuana (medicinal or otherwise!), at the end of the day, I want you to feel fulfilled, loved, and valued for your contribution to society. I truly want you to love your life!